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on Sunday, 12 June 2016.

We are the only car wash in Liverpool using AUTOGLYM  we have a Elite Status and are proud to have got this.

2014 So Far!

on Saturday, 29 March 2014.

2014 Update

So far this year we have put a new roof on our Sefton Street site which has made the building great... 

Then we Purchased our Great Howard Street site(and the land next door!) Allowing the business to grow further!

We intend to build an indoor bespoke site here soon! (This is the site we first opened nearly 10 years ago!.... its an extra bit special to us)

We have been helping BMW Williams out during their refurb so if you are wondering why we seem to have aa extra load of super new cars in thats why!

We got a phone call of the dealer principal this week as he was really pleased with our service... always nice to hear!

Our prices have held still again this year and we are investing hard in the brand

Our promise....the jobs right or its free


Ed 07772 000000



on Thursday, 31 October 2013.

So here's a question for you........

You Earn £50000 a week... (play a bit of footie for LFC) Do you get a Mobile Valeter out to wash and Valet your Car..?

Nope you dont..... You take it to FIVE STAR where all cars are EQUAL and pampered!! Of Course!!!

At Five Star we often see the football players...Red and Blue!

Liverpool one car wash WARNING

on Thursday, 10 October 2013.

Liverpool one car wash WARNING

Get the ECHO folks.... this damage was done to a car by workers in the Liverpool One Car Wash when they fell out with the customer as he collected his car late.... we are told its going in the echo.... lets see! 



This is some serious damage which is disgusting....not something you would get at "THE FIVE STAR WASH"


Autoglym HD Wax....Polished Perfection THE WAXWORKS (TM)

on Friday, 04 October 2013.

Autoglym HD Wax....Polished Perfection THE WAXWORKS (TM)

If you want your car to shine.... all of the time.... You need to visit our team of car care specialists.

In 2004 we started washing cars and realised what seemed a simple business was not so! 

By investing in our staff who really care, bespoke machines and equipment we have earned our name.

Our managers check evrey car that leaves our site.

We work hard to achive the results we do....OFTEN IMITATED NEVER REPLICATED 



on Friday, 04 October 2013.


The "Trademark Valet" (TM) sets the standard, We start with "The Five Star Wash" (TM) and then really go to town on your vehicle, The Trademark Valets is what it says.

You will be delighted with the results......or we refund you... FACT


Quite simply no other Car Wash Facility in the north-west has registered the services they provide  with the patent office as the brand, product and service is not worth the cost of this!

Wax Works

on Friday, 04 October 2013.

Wax Works

Now lets be honest.... Have you ever seen a Car in a Showroom shine like this????

Even a Brand New Car can benefit from a coat of  the Autoglyms best!..... 

The WAXWORKS at The Five Star Wash


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Customer Feedback

  • "My car always looks immaculate after the team has worked their magic! thank you very much."

  • "Would just like to say a big thank you for a great job on cleaning my car I will be back…"

  • "The deal was a bit misleading I did think it included a mini valet. However the car wash was very good and the people were very efficient, kind and friendly…"

  • "Great job. We will be back…"

  • "made my old banger look like a new banger! Thanks…"

  • "my car always looks immaculate after the team has worked their magic! thank you very much. Excellent service, a really through wash. Excellent value. Keep up the good work, the customer is everything…"

  • "Thankyou for taking the time and effort every time we visit…"

  • "Great service, great price! Great car wash and staff. High standard and excellent service at St Anne Street and Sefton Street locations Thank you. Well done great work…"

  • "I wasn't quite satisfied with the wash - some leaf debris was lingering in the car's gutters - so I went back and had it redone without question or hesitation. The quality of any service can only be judged by the response to a complaint. 5 Star's response was spot on!!"

  • "These guys know their job and do it well…"

  • "thanks for your time and attention, will deffo recommend you to others…"

  • "My car was sparkling when it was finished. I was very pleased. Thank you…"

  • "keep up the good work…Thanks for a great job!...I have visited 5 Star wash twice up to now and been really pleased on both occasions and will certainly be going again…"

  • "10/10 for service, quality . Lovely lads. Great cafe. Would not go anywhere else now and would highly recommend.Thanks..."

  • "Thank you for the help and service at Sefton Street, I still need to come back to see if you found my stars! very thorough job, I will definitely recommend it…"

  • "Car was immaculate and I was 100% happy…very pleased and will use it again...thank you for a great wash will be back !..."

  • "Keep up the very good work…very pleased with the end result…Trustworthy - excellent job…"